Setting up of Infrastructure-

Community Information Resource Centre (CIRC) has been established at local partner’s centre located at Patadi. The centre has one laptop and other digital equipments such as printer, scanner, camera, etc to provide digital services and digital information services to community members.

  • To support the CIRC centre, a mobile van (also known as Digi-Van) with one laptop, 5 tablets, printer, scanner and other digital equipment has been placed to visit 14 schools and provide digital literacy to school children.
  • Training and capacity building of coordinator and trainer to run the CIRC and its activities effectively.

Connecting with Rann Shala-

    • Network feasibility of the location, including 17 schools which will further receive the connectivity from the broadcasting tower.
    • Backhaul connectivity identified and taken from Ahmedabad based ISP, NetGuru.
    • The broadcast tower set-up at Zinzuwada Police Station. All 17 schools connected with wireless network.
    • Digi-van equipped with wireless network equipment that is providing connectivity to access tablet and laptop equipped in the van.
    • Network Training at Agariya Heetrakshak Kendra (AHRK) centre located at Patadi fot AHRK members and centre, covering wireless network configuration, troubleshooting of devices.

Digital Survey of the Rann-

Mapped 17 villages for data collection

  • Prepared the structured questionnaire and methodology for conducting the survey. The ODK format of the questionnaire is also developed.
  • Conducted 7-days training on data collection methodology at Manish Rann School. This training included how to conduct detailed survey on open data kit (ODK). The training programme included teachers.

Training and Capacity Building

Mobile literacy and internet training at the centres followed by digital literacy training at eight schools.